Cotton Yoga Resistance Band for Hips & Booty


3PCS For 1setLight Green--60LBSPink--90LBSPurple--150LBS
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  • New fabric resistance bands use the latest cotton technology with soft, durable fabric. A thickened inner layer with non-slip latex wire keeps it from slipping, rolling or breaking. Helps you tighten and tone your hips and legs. Work toward a beautiful figure and effectively relieve pressure and fatigue.
  • Improved resistance levels: light, medium & heavy. Made more effective to meet your exercise needs for arms, feet or legs; use for CrossFit, Yoga, Pilates or Beach Body workouts.
  • 3 super lightweight & portable design loop resistance bands are included in a portable carry bag. You can now workout anytime and anywhere, at home, the gym, the office, a hotel, beach, while traveling.


  • Ideal for lower body accessory movements.
  • Slim, stronger and get the perfect butt shape!
  • Relive pressure by stretching with our wide hip exercise band.
  • You’ll not only get your butt warm, but your Entire Body Ready to Perform!
  • Resistance bands for leg and butts exalt the hip and modify the legs, shape a beautiful figure and relieve the pressure and fatigue effectively.
  • Use these amazing loops bands for All Workouts, such as P90x, Yoga, Pilates, Lifting Beach Body workouts, Deep Squats and so on.



  • Name: Hip resistance band​
  • Material: Polyester,Latex silk
  • Color: Light Green/Pink/Purple
  • Width: 8CM
  • Perimeter: 76cm
  • Light Green resistance: 60LBS
  • Pink resistance: 90LBS
  • Purple resistance: 150LBS

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