Hyperblade Soft Tissue Massager

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  • DIY hyperblade soft tissue massager for IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization) 
  • The massager is perfect for Myofascial Release Therapy, Physical Therapy, Soft Tissue Therapy, Chiropractic Sports injuries Therapy.
  • Sledge Blade generates NMES microcurrent acting directly into the deep muscle area with 3 levels adjustment. It is ideal for Myofascial Release and IASTM techniques to increase blood circulation and lengthen muscles, increasing mobility and flexibility – Perfect for athletes, trainers and clinicians
  • Touch Control & Smart Detection  – Hyperblade automatically searches for stimulation points (acupuncture points) when you are scraping it over your body and automatically generates microcurrents and microvibrations.
Modes: 3 Modes
Vibration frequency: 8000-12000 times / Min
Micro-current frequency: 8-21Hz
Battery: 1100mAh
Charger: Type-C
Working time: 4-7 hours depending on the mode used.

Colour: White
Material: Plastic
Size: 14.5*10.6*3cm

Package Contents:
1*Myofascial Massager
1*USB Cable

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